BMW X3 Owners Manual: Comfort position

If the glass sunroof is not automatically completely opened, the comfort position has been attained. In this position the wind noises in the interior are the least.

If desired, continue the movement by pressing the reel.

Pinch protection system

If the closing force when closing the glass sunroof exceeds a certain value, the closing movement is stopped, beginning at approximately the middle of the opening in the roof, or from the tilted position during closing.

The glass sunroof reopens slightly.

Danger of jamming even with pinch protection

Despite the pinch protection system, check that the glass sunroof's closing path is clear; otherwise, the closing action may not be interrupted in certain extreme situations, such as when thin objects are present.

Closing from the open position without pinch protection E. g. if there is an external danger, proceed as follows:

1. Press the reel forward beyond the resistance point and hold.

The pinch protection is limited and the glass sunroof reopens slightly if the closing force exceeds a certain margin.

2. Press the reel forward again beyond the resistance point and hold until the glass sunroof closes without jam protection. Make sure that the closing area is clear.

Closing from the raised position without pinch protection If there is an external danger, push the reel forward past the resistance point and hold it.

The glass sunroof closes without jam protection.

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