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WARNING: Only used a high pressure cleaner approved by BMW! Only instructed persons aged over 16 years may work using a high pressure cleaner.

Check the high pressure cleaner and electrical wiring for visible damage.

Only use at a suitable location.


Pay attention to following hazard warnings:

  • Danger of injury due to water jet
  • Contact with hazardous substances in spray
  • Risk of skidding on wet floor
  • Risk of stumbling due to hoses and cables
  • Risk of scalding when cleaning with hot water.
  • On electric or hybrid cars, the safety instructions for handling with hybrid cars are to be complied with.

WARNING: The following personal protective equipment is to be used:

  • Safety goggles/face guard
  • Suitable gloves
  • Apron
  • Rubber boots
  • Ear protectors
  • Safety shoes


Notes on washing a vehicle with a high pressure cleaner:

  • Do not wash directly on gaskets and control units during engine washes.
  • A minimum distance of 30 cm must be adhered to for tires and tire valves.
  • A minimum distance of 30 cm must be adhered to for the soft top and painted parts.
  • Do not use if engine is still hot.
  • Do not exceed maximum water temperature of 60 degrees.
  • Do not spray directly onto cameras/sensors.
  • On electric or hybrid cars do not wash on high-voltage components.
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