BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Note, overview components climate control

BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual / HVAC / Note, overview components climate control

Refrigeration oil
2.0 REFRIGERATION OIL OIL USED IN FREONÂ-CHARGED SYSTEMS A mineral-based oil is used. The oil level in the compressor must be checked before fillin ...

Information on using cleaning agent/paints (personal protection equipment)
WARNING: Use of cleaning agents/paints not compliant with instructions can cause serious injuries or burns! Handling cleaning agents/paints can tr ...

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BMW X3 Owners Manual > Driving: Starting the engine
Hints Enclosed areas Do not let the engine run in enclosed areas, since breathing in exhaust fumes may lead to loss of consciousness and death. The exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless but highly toxic gas. Unattended vehicle Do not leave the vehicle unattended wi ...

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BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual

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