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The classic quality of BMW automobiles is based on the long-term comprehensive research and testing, the design, the applied materials and the manufacturing procedures in modern production plants.

BMW recommends cleaning the engine, engine compartment, vehicle underside, axles and engine/transmission at least twice annually, and then waxing the car or repairing the wax coating. This should be performed before or after the period of salt usage on streets.

New cars parked outdoors should be waxed at BMW centers before delivery to customers. This is to avoid deposits damaging to the paint finish, such as air-born rust particles, chemical dust, oil saturated soot, sulfur dioxide (acid) rain, etc. settling on the horizontal surfaces. Bird and insect droppings as well as tree resin could mar the paint finish, forming spots, swelling and pitting in the paint coat.

Wax films on the engine, engine compartment and A pillars (hinge areas) are intentional and prevent corrosion.

Such wax film should not be removed.

Unwaxed cars should be washed at least once each week. Parked cars must never be protected with plastic or other nonporous material covers. This will damage the paint finish due to condensed water in conjunction with plastic softener diffusion and scratching.

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