BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Electrical components

BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual / Suspension / Electrical components

Replacing rear left or right spring strut shock absorber
Special tools required: 31 3 340 31 3 341 31 3 353 33 0 040 WARNING: Completely read the respective operating instructions before using ...

Removing and installing/replacing control unit for vertical dynamic control
IMPORTANT: Read and comply with notes on PROTECTION AGAINST ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE (ESD PROTECTION) . Necessary preliminary tasks: Remo ...

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BMW X3 Owners Manual > Top View: Switching on/off
Switching on automatically With the engine running, engage lever in position P R. The rearview camera image is displayed. To switch to the Top View: "Rear view camera" Automatic deactivation during forward travel The system switches off when a certain driving distance or speed is ...

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BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual

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