BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Device

Device AM

NOTE: For removal of support ring (E38/3 and E39PL)

Consisting of:

2 = Centering mount

NOTE: (Centering) model series: E38/3

3 = Support

NOTE: (Rim support) basic body

4 = Screw

NOTE: For rim support


5 = Adapter

NOTE: For rim support, model series: E38/3

6 = Belt

NOTE: (Tensioning strap)

7 = Pump

NOTE: (hydraulic pump)

8 = Line

NOTE: (Hydraulic line)

9 = Hydraulic cylinders

NOTE: With add-on parts

10 = Adapter

NOTE: For rim support, model series: E39PL

11 = Centering mount

NOTE: (Centering) model series: E39PL

12 = Lever

NOTE: (Mounting lever)

12 = Operating instructions

NOTE: German/English

13 = Washer

NOTE: For installation of the emergency operation ring, series: E39PL

1 = Fixture

NOTE: (Rim support)

Device AM

Replaced by: 83300493598

NOTE: For dismantling support ring - BMW run-flat system with integrated support ring - Replaced by 36 1 410. (0 493 598)

Consisting of:

1. Fixture

NOTE: (Rim support)

2. Support

NOTE: (Rim support with screw),


3. Lifting gear

NOTE: (Jack (make: Storz))

4. Belt

NOTE: (Tensioning strap) with ABS ratchet and chafing protection

5. Lever

NOTE: (Mounting lever 39...24" (make: Gedore))


Dial gauge AM

NOTE: Discontinuation and then available as part of complete special tool set 36 1 030.

(0 493 829) only.



Extractor Mechanical tool

NOTE: (Extractor for wheel cover)


Fixture AM

NOTE: (Rim support)



Fixture AM

NOTE: (Rim support)


    Adapter AM NOTE: For rim support, model series: E39PL Adapter Minimum set: Mechanical tools AM NOTE: (BMW adapter kit for wheel bolts) for loos ...

    Holder Mechanical tool NOTE: Replacement for holder 36 1 100 (0493771). Holder has longer guide pins and lengthened magnetic guides. Holder AM ...

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