BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Engine and gearbox suspension

BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual / Transmission / Engine and gearbox suspension

Replacing rubber mount for transmission mounting (atc 45l)
Special tools required: 22 1 051 22 1 052 33 4 465 33 4 466 22 1 046 22 1 053 Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove CROSS MEMBER fo ...

Bridge Minimum set: Mechanical tools AM NOTE: For pulling out the transfer box rubber mount. Series: E46/16, E83 Storage Location B9 NOTE: A ...

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BMW X3 Owners Manual > Cruise control: The concept
The system maintains a preset speed via the buttons on the steering wheel. The system brakes on downhill gradients if engine braking is insufficient. General information Depending on the driving settings, the features of the cruise control can change in certain areas. Hints Unfavorable cond ...

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