BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Transmission shafts

Replacing transfer box control unit (longitudinal torque module) (atc 45l)
Special tools required: 11 1 200 11 1 380 23 0 490 IMPORTANT: Before and after replacement, execute the "Repair" service function with ...

Renewing radial shaft seal for drive flange (atc 45l)
Special tools required: 23 0 490 27 1 430 IMPORTANT: After completion of work, CHECK TRANSMISSION OIL LEVEL and top up if necessary. ...

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BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual > Rear axle: Case
Case AM NOTE: (Case) with label. Case Minimum set: Mechanical tools AM NOTE: (Case) Case with insert discontinued, can only be ordered using complete tool SI number 01 22 06 (307) CLIP Clip Mechanical tool NOTE: (Mounting bracket) For short neck rear axle differential Clip Mechanical to ...

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