BMW X3 Owners Manual: iDrive

All around the roofliner
Intelligent Emergency Request Panoramic glass sunroof Indicator lamp, front-seat passenger airbag Reading lights Interior ...

Vehicle features and options
This chapter describes all standard, country-specific and optional features offered with the series. It also describes features that are not necess ...

Other materials:

BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual > Center console assembly: Replacing grooved ball bearing in propeller shaft center bearing
Special tools required: 23 1 160 33 3 202 33 3 203 Necessary preliminary tasks: Replace PROPELLER SHAFT CENTER BEARING Press grooved ball bearing using special tool 23 1 160 out of center mount (1). NOTE: Illustration shows E46. Coat rubber-coated bearing seat of center mo ...

BMW X3 Owners Manual

BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual

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