BMW X3 Owners Manual: Hints

Personal responsibility

Even an active system holds the driver responsible for his or her driving, particularly for staying in your lane, adjusting your speed, keeping your distance and for your driving style all in relation to traffic.

Technically the system has its limits, it cannot independently react to all traffic situations.

Monitor your driving, be on the alert, observe the vehicle surroundings and other traffic and react when needed, e.g. through braking, steering or make evasive maneuvers - risk of accident.

Unfavorable weather conditions

In the event of unfavorable weather and light conditions, e. g. if there is rain, snowfall, slush, fog or glare, this may result in poorer recognition of vehicles as well as short-term interruptions for vehicles that are already detected.

Drive attentively, and react to the current traffic situation. Intervene actively when necessary, e.g., by braking, steering or making an evasive maneuver, otherwise, there is the risk of an accident.

Before leaving the vehicle, secure it against moving on its own.

Before leaving the vehicle with the engine running: set the parking brake and ensure that the Steptronic transmission is in position P. Otherwise, the vehicle may begin to move.

    The concept
    Use this system to select a desired speed that the vehicle will maintain automatically on clear roads. To the extent possible, the system automat ...

    Buttons on the steering wheel System on/off, interrupt Store, maintain speed Resume speed Reduce distance Increase distance rocker switch: ...

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