BMW X3 Owners Manual: Switching on/off and interrupting cruise control

Switching on

Press button on the steering wheel.

The indicator lights in the instrument cluster light up and the mark in the speedometer is set to the current speed.

Cruise control can be used.

Switch off

Deactivated or interrupted system

With deactivated or interrupted system use your brakes, steering and moves as usual to avoid the chance of an accident.

To switch off the system while standing, step on brake pedal at the same time.

Press button.

  • If active: press twice.
  • If interrupted: press once.

The displays go out. The stored desired speed is deleted.


When active, press the button.

If interrupting the system while stationary, press on the brake pedal at the same time.

The system is automatically interrupted in the following situations:

  • When the brakes are applied.
  • When selector lever position D is disengaged.
  • When DTC Dynamic Traction Control is activated or DSC is deactivated.
  • When DSC is actively controlling stability.
  • When SPORT+ is activated with Driving Dynamics Control.
  • If the safety belt and the driver's door are opened while the vehicle is standing still.
  • If the system has not detected objects for an extended period, e.g., on a road with very little traffic without curb or shoulder markings.
  • If the detection range of the radar is disrupted, e.g., by dirt or heavy fog.
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