BMW X3 Owners Manual: Driving on poor roads

The vehicle connects four wheel drive to the advantages of a normal truck

Do not drive on unpaved terrain

Do not drive on unpaved terrain; otherwise, the vehicle may be damaged.

For your own safety, for the safety of passengers and of the vehicle, heed the following points:

  • Become familiar with the vehicle before starting a trip; do not take risks in driving.
  • Adjust the speed to the road surface conditions.

    The steeper and more uneven the road surface, the slower the speed should be.

  • When driving on steep uphill or downhill grades: add engine oil and coolant up to near the MAX mark. Uphill and downhill grades can be traveled up to no more than 50 %.
  • On steep downhill grades, use Hill Descent Control HDC.

    Starting out is possible on uphill grades up to 30 %. The permissible side tilt is 30 %.

  • Avoid that the chassis bottom coming in contact with the ground.

    The ground clearance is no more than 7.8 inches/20 cm and can vary according to the vehicle's load.

  • When wheels continue to spin, depress the accelerator so that driving stability control systems can distribute the driving force to the wheels. Activate DTC Dynamic Traction Control if available.

After a trip on poor roads

After a trip on poor roads, check wheels and tires for damage to maintain driving safety.

Clear heavy soiling from the body.

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    General driving notes

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