BMW X3 Owners Manual: Diesel

Low-Sulfur Diesel The engine of your BMW is designed for diesel with low sulfur content:
Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel ASTM D 975-xx.
xx: comply with the current standard in each case.

Use only Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel.

The fraction of biodiesel in the fuel must not exceed 5 %, referred to as B5. Do not use gasoline. If you do fill the tank with the wrong fuel, e.g., gasoline, do not start the engine as this may damage the engine.

After adding the wrong fuel, contact your service center or Roadside Assistance.

If the fuel pump nozzle does not fit in the filler pipe of your BMW, please check to ensure that you are refueling at a diesel fuel pump that is equipped with a diesel fuel pump nozzle.

In the event the Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel fuel cannot be fully inserted into the fuel filler neck, please contact BMW Roadside Assistance for instructions on how to add fuel.

For additional information regarding Roadside Assistance, refer to Owner's Manual for Navigation, Entertainment and Communication.

Winter diesel To ensure that the diesel engine remains operational in the winter, use winter diesel.

It is available at gas stations during winter months.

The fuel filter heating system, included as a standard feature, prevents disruption of the fuel supply while driving.

Do not add any diesel additives

Do not add additives, including gasoline; otherwise, engine damage may occur.

    General fuel quality Even fuels that conform to the specifications can be of low quality. This may cause engine problems, for instance poor engine ...

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