BMW X3 Owners Manual: From the inside

Unlocking and locking

BMW X3. From the inside

Via the buttons for the central locking system.

  • By pressing the button, the vehicle is locked with the doors closed.
  • Pressing the button unlocks the vehicle.

The vehicle is not secured against theft when locking.

The fuel filler flap remains unlocked.

In the event of a severe accident, the vehicle is automatically unlocked. The hazard warning system and interior lights come on.

Unlocking and opening

  • Press the central locking system button to unlock the doors together, and then pull the door handle above the armrest.
  • On the door to be opened, pull the door handle twice: the first time unlocks the door, the second time opens it. The other doors remain locked.
    From the outside
    Locking from the outside Do not lock the vehicle from the outside with people inside the car, as the vehicle cannot be unlocked from inside without ...


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