BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Extractor

Extractor Mechanical tool

NOTE: For removing the track rod from the front axle

Storage Location


SI number

01 03 00 (554)


Extractor Minimum set: Mechanical tools AM

NOTE: For removing the output shafts from the front axle differential --> E46/16

Storage Location



SI number

01 07 00 (576)


    Device AM NOTE: For drawing spring strut into swivel bearing seat. Storage Location B72 SI number 01 13 07 (387) Consisting of: 1. Basi ...

    Fixture AM In conjunction with: UNIVERSAL HYDRAULIC LIFTING EQUIPMENT 81222219012 NOTE: (universal axle take-up) For accommodating all front and ...

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    Wrench AM NOTE: (Ignition key) Discontinued, only available via complete tool Wrench Minimum set: Mechanical tools AM In conjunction with: 33 5 070 = 0495554 NOTE: For loosening and tightening the propeller shaft to rear axle final drive screw connection (slot nut). SW50. Replaces SWZ 33 5 ...

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