BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Final drive with cover

Replacing shaft seal(s) for output shaft(s) in rear axle final drive
Special tools required: 00 5 010 32 1 060 33 1 308 33 5 130 33 5 140 Necessary preliminary work: Remove REAR AXLE FINAL DRIVE. U ...

Checking/topping up oil level in rear differential
WARNING: DANGER OF POISONING if oil is ingested/absorbed through the skin! RISK OF INJURY if oil comes into contact with eyes and skin! IMPO ...

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BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual > Brakes: Wrench
Wrench Mechanical tool NOTE: (Key) Breather key for ASC+Traction Storage Location A3 B3 SI number 01 06 89 (106) NOTE: (Spanner) For adjusting handbrake cables on handbrake lever Storage Location X4 Y4 Wrench AM NOTE: For adjusting the eccentric brake pad on the rear ...

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