BMW X3 Owners Manual: At a glance

Button in the vehicle

BMW X3. Button in the vehicle

Intelligent Safety button


BMW X3. Camera

The camera is found near the interior rearview mirror.

Keep the windshield in the area behind the interior rearview mirror clean and clear.

    The concept
    Starting at a specific speed, this system alerts you when the vehicle on streets with lane markings is about to leave the lane. This speed, dependi ...

    Switching on/off
    Switching on automatically The lane departure warning is automatically activated after departure, if the function was switched on the last time the ...

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    Ring AM NOTE: (pipe) For extracting and press-fitting the rubber mount in the 13º trailing arm Ring AM NOTE: (Clamping ring) Model series: F01, F02. Available only as complete special tool set 33 4 400. SI number 01 18 08 (482) RING SPANNER Ring spanner Minimum set: Mechanical tools M ...

    BMW X3 Owners Manual

    BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual

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