BMW X3 Owners Manual: Dynamic Damping Control

The concept

This system reduces undesirable vehicle motion when using a dynamic driving style or traveling on uneven road surfaces.

The system enhances driving dynamics and comfort fitting road surface and driving style.


The system offers several different programs.

Select the programs via the Driving Dynamics Control.

SPORT Consistently sporty control of the shock absorbers for greater driving agility.

SPORT+ Consistently sporty control of the shock absorbers for greater driving agility when driving with limited driving stabilization.

COMFORT/ECO PRO Balanced control of the vehicle.

    Activating HDC
    Press button; the LED above the button lights up. Deactivating HDC Press button again and the LED goes out. HDC is automatically deactiv ...

    Variable sport steering
    The variable sport steering increases the steering angle of the front wheels at large steering wheel angles, e.g., in tight curves or when parking. ...

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