BMW X3 Owners Manual: System limits

Limits of ultrasonic measurement Ultrasonic measuring might not function under the following circumstances:

  • For small children and animals.
  • For persons with certain clothing, e.g. coats.
  • With external interference of the ultrasound, e.g. from passing vehicles or loud machines.
  • When sensors are dirty, iced over, damaged or out of position.
  • Under certain weather conditions such as high relative humidity, rain, snowfall, extreme heat or strong wind.
  • With tow bars and trailer couplings of other vehicles.
  • With thin or wedge-shaped objects.
  • With moving objects.
  • With elevated, protruding objects such as ledges or cargo.
  • With objects with corners and sharp edges.
  • With objects with a fine surface structure such as fences.
  • For objects with porous surfaces.

Low objects already displayed, e.g., curbs, can move into the blind area of the sensors before or after a continuous tone sounds.

False warnings PDC may issue a warning under the following conditions even though there is no obstacle within the detection range:

  • In heavy rain.
  • When sensors are very dirty or covered with ice.
  • When sensors are covered in snow.
  • On rough road surfaces.
  • On uneven surfaces, such as speed bumps.
  • In large buildings with right angles and smooth walls, e.g., in underground garages.
  • In automatic car washes.
  • Through heavy pollution.
  • Due to other ultrasound sources, e.g., sweeping machines, high pressure steam cleaners or neon lights.


A Check Control message is displayed.

The range of the sensors is shown as a shaded area on the Control Display.

PDC has failed. Have the system checked.

To ensure full functionality:

  • Keep the sensors clean and free of ice.
  • dimmed Do not put any stickers on sensors.
  • When using high-pressure washers, do not spray the sensors for long periods and maintain a distance of at least 12 in/30 cm.
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