BMW X3 Owners Manual: Possible commands

Most menu items on the Control Display can be voiced as commands.

The available commands depend on the menu that is currently displayed on the Control Display.

There are short commands for many functions.

You may select lists such as phone lists via voice activation. Read these lists out loud exactly as they show in the respective list.

Having possible commands read aloud

You can have available commands read out loud for you: Voice commands E. g. if the "Settings" menu is displayed, the commands for the settings are read out loud.

Executing functions using short commands

Execute functions on the main menu via short commands. It almost doesn't matter which menu item is selected, e.g., Vehicle status.

List of short commands for the voice activation system, see Navigation, Entertainment, Communication Owner's Manual.

Help dialog for the voice activation system

Calling up help dialog: Help Additional commands for the help dialog:

  •  Help with examples: announces information about the current operating options and the most important commands for them.
  •  Help with voice activation: information about the principle of operation for the voice activation system is announced.
    Using voice activation
    Activating the voice activation system 1. Press button on the steering wheel. 2. Wait for the signal. 3. Say the command. A command that is ...

    One example: open the tone settings
    Via the main menu The commands of the menu items are spoken just as they are selected via the controller. 1. Turn on the Entertainment sound output ...

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