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In the case of a partial replacement piece, a body component is cut at a point described in the repair instructions.

A template may be used for the exact position determination for the separating cut.

The template is made from the reinforcement plate and can be reused.

Carry over schematic diagram at the separation cut C-pillar to the relevant vehicle type.

Remove stud bolts (1).

Set bore holes Ø 4 mm at the positions of the removed stud bolts.

If applicable, place additional bore holes in the area of the edges.


Insert the template (1) into the new part (in direction of arrow) until it is flush (without gap).

Carry over the positions of the holes (2) to the new part.

Remove reinforcement plate again.


Connect marks (positions of holes) to the separating cut line (1).

Carry out the separating cut.

Tear and separate the separating cut on the vehicle according to the new part.



  • Studs welded as standard are always replaced by blind rivet bolts.
  • Drill holes (0.2 mm larger than the outside diameter of the blind rivet nuts or blind rivet bolts).
  • Blind rivet nuts and studs must have a special coating for anti-corrosion purposes (sourcing reference: BMW Parts Department).

    Use the blind rivet nuts and bolts supplied in the case of the manual riveting tool for steel only!

  • It will no longer be possible to set a blind rivet nut if the drilled hole is too big. In this event, set a clip nut (sourcing reference: BMW Parts Department). This nut tightens itself automatically when screwed to the component.
  • Insert blind rivet nuts or bolts and TIGHTEN DOWN WITH RIVET TOOL.
  • Seal blind rivet nuts and blind rivet bolts with SEALANT D1 (risk of corrosion).
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