BMW X3 Owners Manual: Exterior mirrors

General information The mirror on the passenger side is more curved than the driver's side mirror.

Depending on the vehicle equipment, the mirror setting is stored for the profile currently in use. When the vehicle is unlocked via the remote control, the position is automatically retrieved if this function is active.


Estimating distances correctly

Objects reflected in the mirror are closer than they appear. Do not estimate the distance to the traffic behind you based on what you see in the mirror, as this will increase your risk of an accident.

At a glance

BMW X3. At a glance

  1. Adjusting
  2. Left/right, Automatic Curb Monitor
  3. Fold in and out

Selecting a mirror

To change over to the other mirror: Slide the switch.

Adjusting electrically

The setting corresponds to the direction in which the button is pressed.

Saving positions

Seat and mirror memory.

Adjusting manually

In case of electrical malfunction press edges of mirror.

Automatic Curb Monitor

The concept If reverse gear is engaged, the mirror glass on the front passenger side is tilted downward.

This improves your view of the curb and other low-lying obstacles when parking, e.g.


1. Slide the switch to the driver's side mirror position.

2. Engage selector lever position R.

Deactivating Slide the switch to the passenger side mirror position.

Fold in and out

Press button.

Possible at speeds up to approx.

15 mph/20 km/h.

E. g. this is advantageous

  • In car washes.
  • In narrow streets.
  • For folding mirrors back out that were folded away manually.

Mirrors that were folded in are folded out automatically at a speed of approx.

25 mph/40 km/h.

Fold in the mirror in a car wash

Before washing the car in an automatic car wash, fold in the exterior mirrors by hand or with the button; otherwise, the mirrors could be damaged, depending on the width of the vehicle.

Automatic heating Both exterior mirrors are automatically heated whenever the engine is running.

Automatic dimming feature Both exterior mirrors are automatically dimmed.

Photocells are used to control the Interior rearview mirror.


    Interior rearview mirror, manually dimmable
    Turn knob Turn the knob to reduce the blinding effect by the interior mirror. Interior rearview mirror, automatic dimming feature The concept ...

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