BMW X3 Owners Manual: On the front passenger seat

Deactivating airbags

Deactivating the front-seat passenger airbags

If a child restraint system is used in the front passenger seat, deactivate the front-seat passenger airbags; otherwise, there is an increased risk of injury to the child when the airbags are activated, even with a child restraint system.

After installing a child restraint system in the front passenger seat, make sure that the front, knee and side airbags on the front passenger side are deactivated.

Deactivate the front-seat passenger airbags automatically.

Seat position and height Before installing a child restraint system, move the front passenger seat as far back as possible and adjust its height to the highest and thus best possible position for the belt and to offer optimal protection in the event of an accident.

If the upper anchorage of the safety belt is located in front of the belt guide of the child seat, move the passenger seat carefully forward until the best possible belt guide position is reached.

Backrest width

Backrest width for the child seat

Before installing a child restraint system in the front passenger seat, the backrest width must be opened completely. Do not change the adjustment after this; otherwise, the stability of the child seat will be reduced.

Adjustable backrest width: before installing a child restraint system in the front passenger seat, open the backrest width completely. Do not change the backrest width again and do not call up a memory position.

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