BMW X3 (F25) Service & Repair Manual: Axle mounting

BMW X3 (F25) Service & Repair Manual / Suspension / Axle mounting

Replacing left or right rear axle support compression strut

IMPORTANT: Observe safety information for raising the vehicle Driving without compression struts is not permitted! Risk of damage! The rear axle support must be supported at the front if both compression struts need to be replaced.

Release screws (1).

Release screw (2).

Installation note:

Replace screw.


Remove compression strut (3).

Installation note:

Check threads for damage; if necessary, repair with HELICOIL THREAD INSERTS .

Turn in all screws, first tightening screws (2) and then tightening screws (1).

Replacing two rubber mounts for rear axle carrier

Special tools required:

  • 33 4 140
  • 33 0 012
  • 33 4 149
  • 2 293 791
  • 2 293 785
  • 2 208 576
  • 2 155 744
  • 2 208 574
  • 2 293 788
  • 2 293 790

WARNING: Danger of injury! Failure to comply with the following instructions may result in the vehicle slipping off the lifting platform and critically injuring other persons.

Before lowering/removing the rear axle support, it is essential to place a minimum load of 100 kg in the luggage compartment to prevent the vehicle from toppling/slipping off the vehicle hoist! When supporting components, make sure that:

  • the vehicle can no longer be raised or lowered.
  • the vehicle does not lift off the locating plates on the vehicle hoist.

IMPORTANT: Before lowering/removing rear axle support: Observe SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS for raising the vehicle In order to avoid damage to vehicle hoist, perform weight compensation on vehicle.

Necessary preliminary tasks:


Risk of damage!

To ensure that rear axle rubber mounts are securely seated in rear axle support, observe a waiting period of 2 hours after pressing in rubber mounts.

NOTE: Removal and installation are described on the rear rubber mount.

Complete special tool 33 4 140 using 33 0 012 and 33 4 149 , as shown.


Coat top edge of rubber mount with Circo Light (sourcing reference BMW Parts Department).

Fit special tool 2 293 791 on rubber mount in such a way that edge of rubber mount disappears in special tool.

Set special tool 2 293 785 on bearing bush as guide.

Align special tool 33 4 140 by way of openings in rubber mount.

NOTE: Ensure correct support at bearing bush of rear axle support.


Together with the other special tools 2 208 576, 2 155 744 and 2 208 574, pull rubber mount out of bearing bush.

IMPORTANT: Rubber mounts differ: (General view of rubber mount from bottom) The installation depth (E) of the rubber mount core is greater for the front rubber mount (A) than for the rear rubber mount (B)

  1. Front rubber mount
  2. Rear rubber mount

Arrows and notches (1) must point in direction of travel when installed.


Coat new rubber mount (1) with Circo Light (sourcing reference BMW Parts Department).

Draw in rubber mount (1) in the rear axle support with special tools 2 293 788 , 2 293 790 , 2 208 574, 2 208 576 and 2 155 744 as far as it will go.

NOTE: When the maximum piston stroke has reached the pump, open the valve and turn special tool 2 208 574 to press back the piston.


Control arms and struts

Wheel bearings

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