BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Tire mounting paste


Use only a lubricant specifically designed for this purpose (former BMW Part No. 81 22 9 407 288).

Wurth Tire Mounting Paste Part No. 892800

Silicone sprays are not acceptable, as they are extremely slippery and don't dry. If applied to the tire bead, it is likely that the tire moves on the rim, causing an imbalance.


Liquids for cleaning the alloy wheels must be strong enough to lift brake dust, road dirt, etc. off the painted wheel surface with minimum manual agitation, yet not attack the wheel material. The following cleaner has been thoroughly tested for optimum cleaning action and long-term compatibility with the wheel's surfaces:

Wheel Cleaner Spray BMW Part No. 82 14 1 467 045


Covers may be affixed to the alloy rim by using Loctite 638 (former BMW Part No. 07 58 9 056 030). Covers may only be used once.

Loctite 638

  • Wurth Part No. 8936010
  • Loctite Part No. 21447

The cooling-turbine wheel covers of the M5 (E34) produced from March 1990 to October 1990 may be secured to the wheel by applying Loctite 242 to the attaching screw threads. First clean screw threads with Loctite Cleaning Solvent 755.


Apply small amounts of Plastilube paste evenly around the centering cone of the alloy wheel rim and onto the contact areas of the brake hub.

Plastilube BMW Part No. 81 22 9 407 103.

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