BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Service indication (except e65 and e66)

The service indicators are displayed in two possible locations inside the vehicle:

1. Instrument Cluster

The Instrument Cluster CBS display uses two separate displays:

  • A colored symbol in the center upper display:
    • Orange for normal
    • Yellow for service due
    • Red for service overdue
  • The remaining distance display is in the center lower display.
  1. The CBS symbol in center upper display
  2. The remaining distance display in the center lower display
  3. The Next Service Due date information in the center lower display


2. Central Information Display (CID)

For vehicles with a CID, the CID can display all information on the individual service operations. The CBS functions are stored in the "Settings" menu item and can be used exclusively for individual user settings.

Press the controller down in the main menu and the "Settings" menu will appear.

Turn the controller until "Service" is highlighted, then press to activate the CBS menu.


The CBS menu window will appear and is divided into the following control and display fields:

  • Status bar
  • First menu bar
  • Second menu bar
  • Display field for CBS symbol
  • Display field for service operation.


For vehicles with a CIC (Car Information Computer): from the start screen, select Vehicle Info / Vehicle status / Service required.


The Service required screen displays all the maintenance items and their current status.


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    Procedure to view or reset service items in the instrument cluster (except the e65 and e66
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