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BMW X3. All around the steering wheel

  1. Rear window safety switch
  2. Power windows
  3. Exterior mirror operation
  4. Opening and closing the tailgate
  5. Unlocking central locking system
    Locking central locking system
  6. Lights
    Front fog lights
    Parking lights
    Low beams
    Automatic headlight control
    Daytime running lights
    Adaptive Light Control
    High-beam Assistant
    Instrument lighting
  7. Steering column stalk, left
    Turn signal
    High beams, headlight flasher
    High-beam Assistant
    Roadside parking lights
    On-board computer
  8. Steering wheel buttons, left
    Store speed
    Resume speed
    Cruise control on/off, interrupt
    Active Cruise Control on/off, interrupting
    Reduce distance
    Increase distance
    Cruise control rocker switch
  9. Instrument cluster
  10. Steering wheel buttons, right
    Entertainment source
    Voice activation
    Telephone, see user's manual for Navigation, Entertainment and Communication
    Thumbwheel for selection lists
  11. Steering column stalk, right
    Rain sensor
    Clean the windshields and headlights
    Rear window wiper
  12. Start/stop the engine and switch the ignition on/off
    Auto Start/Stop function
  13. Horn, total area
  14. Steering wheel heating
  15. Adjust the steering wheel
  16. Unlock hood
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