BMW X3 Owners Manual: The concept

Use this system to select a desired speed that the vehicle will maintain automatically on clear roads.

To the extent possible, the system automatically adjusts the speed to a slower vehicle ahead of you.

The distance that the vehicle maintains to the vehicle ahead of you can be varied.

For safety reasons, it depends on the speed.

To maintain a certain distance, the system automatically reduces the speed, applies the brakes lightly, or accelerates again if the vehicle ahead begins moving faster.

If the vehicle ahead of you brakes to a halt, and then proceeds to drive again within a brief period, the system is able to detect this within the given system limits. Your own vehicle will brake automatically and then accelerate again.

If the vehicle ahead of you drives away again after a prolonged period, briefly press the accelerator pedal or press the appropriate button to reactivate the system. The vehicle will automatically accelerate.

As soon as the road is clear, the vehicle accelerates to the desired speed.

The speed is also maintained downhill, but may not be maintained uphill if engine power is insufficient.

General information

Depending on the driving settings, the features of the cruise control can change in certain areas.

    Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function, ACC

    Personal responsibility Even an active system holds the driver responsible for his or her driving, particularly for staying in your lane, adjusting ...

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