BMW X3 Owners Manual: Displays in the instrument cluster

Desired speed

  • The marking lights up green: the system is active.
  • The marking lights up orange: the system has been interrupted.
  • The marking does not light up: the system is switched off.

Brief status display

Selected desired speed.

If --- appears briefly on the display for Check Control messages, it is possible that the system requirements are currently not ready for operations.

Distance to vehicle ahead of you Shown is selected distance to the vehicle driving ahead of you.

Distance display

Distance 1

Distance 2

Distance 3

Distance 4

This value is set after the system is switched on.

The system has been interrupted or distance control is temporarily suppressed because the accelerator pedal is being pressed; a vehicle was not detected.

Distance control is temporarily suppressed because the accelerator pedal is being pressed; a vehicle was detected.

Rolling bars: the detected vehicle has driven away.

ACC is no longer accelerating. To accelerate further, activate ACC by briefly stepping on the accelerator pedal, pressing the RES button or rocker switch.

Indicator/warning lights

Personal responsibility

The indicator and warning lights do not relieve the driver of the responsibility to adapt his or her desired driving speed and style to the traffic conditions.

The vehicle symbol lights up orange: A vehicle has been detected ahead of you.

The vehicle symbol flashes orange: The conditions are not adequate for the system to work.

The system was deactivated but applies the brakes until you actively resume control by pressing on the brake pedal or accelerator pedal.

The vehicle symbol flashes red and an acoustic signal sounds: You are requested to intervene by braking or make an evasive maneuver.

    Calling up the desired speed and distance
    While driving Press button with the system switched on. In the following cases, the stored speed value is deleted and cannot be called up again ...

    Displays in the Head-up Display
    Some system information can also be displayed in the Head-up Display. Distance information The symbol is displayed when the distance from the v ...

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