BMW X3 Owners Manual: System limits

Speed range The system is best used on well-constructed roads.

The minimum speed that can be set is 20 mph/30 km/h. The maximum speed that can be set depends on the vehicle.

The system can also be activated when stationary.

Comply with the legal speed limit in every situation when using the system.

Detection range

BMW X3. Detection range

The detection lidacity of the system and the automatic braking lidacity are limited.

Two-wheeled vehicles for instance might not be detected.

Limited detection potential

Because of the limited possible detection, you should be alert at all times so that you can intervene if needed; otherwise, there is the risk of an accident.

Deceleration The system does not decelerate for:

  • Pedestrians or similar slow-moving road users.
  • Red traffic lights.
  • Cross traffic.
  • Oncoming traffic.

Swerving vehicles

BMW X3. Swerving vehicles

A vehicle driving in front of you is not detected until it is completely within the same lane as your vehicle.

Swerving vehicles

If a vehicle driving ahead of you suddenly swerves into your lane, the system may not be able to automatically restore the selected distance.

This also applies to major speed differences to vehicles driving ahead of you, e.g., when rapidly approaching a truck. When a vehicle driving ahead of you is reliably detected, the system requests that the driver intervene by braking and carrying out evasive maneuvers, if needed. You must react yourself; otherwise, there is the risk of an accident.


BMW X3. Cornering

If the desired speed is too high for a curve, the speed is reduced slightly, although curves cannot be anticipated in advance. Therefore, drive into a curve at an appropriate speed.

In tight curves the system offers only restricted detection where a vehicle ahead of you might be detected late or not at all.

BMW X3. Cornering

When you approach a curve the system may briefly report vehicles in the next lane due to the bend of the curve. If the system decelerates you may compensate it by briefly accelerating.

After releasing the gas pedal the system is reactivated and controls speed independently.

Driving away In some situations, the vehicle cannot drive off automatically; for example:

  • On steep inclines.
  • From behind bumps in the road.

In these cases, step on the accelerator pedal.

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