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Functional requirement

  • The rearview camera is switched on.
  • The tailgate is fully closed.

Activating assistance functions

More than one assistance function can be active at the same time.

  • Parking aid lines
    "Parking aid lines"
    Lanes and turning radius are indicated.
  • Obstacle marking
    "Obstacle marking"
    Spatially-shaped markings are displayed.

Pathway lines

BMW X3. Pathway lines

  • Pathway lines can be superimposed on the image of the rearview camera.
  • They help you to estimate how much space is needed when parking and maneuvering on level pavement.
  • They are dependent on the current steering angle and are continuously adjusted to the steering wheel movements.

Turning circle lines

BMW X3. Turning circle lines

  • Turning circle lines can only be superimposed on the rearview camera image together with pathway lines.
  • They show the course of the smallest possible turning radius on a level road.
  • Only one turning radius line is displayed after the steering wheel is turned past a certain angle.

Obstacle marking

BMW X3. Obstacle marking

Obstacles behind the vehicle are detected by the PDC sensors and, when respectively equipped, detected by the rearview camera.

Obstacle markings can be faded into the image of the rearview camera.

Their colored margins match the markings of the PDC. This simplifies estimation of the distance to the object shown.

    Switching on/off
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