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ECO PRO bonus range

An adjusted driving style helps you extend your driving range.

This may be displayed as the bonus range in the instrument cluster.

The bonus range is shown in the range display.

The bonus range is automatically reset every time the vehicle is refueled.

Efficiency display

Display in the instrument cluster

BMW X3. Efficiency display

Display in the instrument cluster with extended range

BMW X3. Efficiency display

A mark in the efficiency display informs about the current driving style.

Mark in the area of arrow 1: display of the energy recovered by coasting or when braking.

Mark in the area of arrow 2: display when accelerating.

Your driving style's efficiency is shown by the bar's color:

  • Blue display: efficient driving style as long as the mark moves within the blue range.
  • Gray display: adjust driving style, e. g. by backing off the accelerator pedal.

The display switches to blue as soon as all conditions for fuel-efficiency-optimized driving are met.

ECO PRO tip, driving tip

The arrow indicates that the driving style can be adjusted to be more fuel efficient by backing off the accelerator for instance.

Note The efficiency display and ECO PRO tips in the instrument cluster appear when the ECO PRO display is activated.

Activating driving style and ECO PRO tips:

1. "Settings"

2. "Instrument cluster"

3. "ECO PRO Info"

ECO PRO tip, symbols An additional symbol and text instructions are displayed.

For efficient driving back off the accelerator or delay accelerating to allow time to assess road conditions.

Reduce speed to the selected ECO PRO speed.

Steptronic transmission: shift from M/S to D.

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