BMW X3 Owners Manual: Coasting

The concept The system helps to conserve fuel.

To do this, under certain conditions the engine is automatically decoupled from the transmission when selector lever position D is set. The vehicle continues traveling with the engine idling to reduce fuel consumption. Selector lever position D remains engaged.

This driving condition is referred to as coasting.

As soon as you step on the brake or accelerator pedal, the engine is automatically coupled again.

Hints Coasting is a component of the ECO PRO, driving mode.

Coasting is automatically activated when ECO PRO mode is called via the Driving Dynamics Control.

The function is available in a certain speed range.

A proactively driving style helps the driver to use the function as often as possible and supports the fuel-conserving effect of coasting.

Safety mode The function is not available under one of the following conditions.

  • DSC OFF or TRACTION activated.
  • Driving in the dynamic limit range and on steep uphill or downhill grades.
  • Battery charge status temporarily too low or vehicle electrical system drawing excessive current.
  • Cruise control activated.

Functional requirements In ECO PRO mode, this function is available in a speed range from approximately 30 mph, approx.

50 km/h to 100 mph, approx. 160 km/h, if the following conditions are met:

  • Accelerator pedal and brake pedal are not operated.
  • The selector lever is in selector lever position D.
  • Engine and transmission are at operating temperature.

The driving status Coast can be influenced with the shift paddles.

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