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With the Mobility System, minor tire damage can be sealed quickly to enable continued travel. To accomplish this, sealant is pumped into the tires, which seals the damage from the inside.

The compressor can be used to check the tire inflation pressure.


  • Follow the instructions on using the Mobility System found on the compressor and sealant container.
  • Use of the Mobility System may be ineffective if the tire puncture measures approx. 1/8 in/4 mm or more.
  • Contact the nearest service center if the tire cannot be made drivable.
  • If possible, do not remove foreign bodies that have penetrated the tire.
  • Pull the speed limit sticker off the sealant container and apply it to the steering wheel.
  • The use of a sealant can damage the TPM wheel electronics. In this case, have the electronics checked at the next opportunity and have them replaced if needed.

Enclosed areas

Do not let the engine run in enclosed areas, since breathing in exhaust fumes may lead to loss of consciousness and death. The exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless but highly toxic gas.


The Mobility System is located under the cargo floor panel.

    Mobility System

    Sealing container
    Sealing container, arrow 1. Filling hose, arrow 2. Observe use-by date on the sealant container. Compressor Holder for bottle Com ...

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