BMW X3 Owners Manual: Hints

Lights and bulbs Lights and bulbs make an essential contribution to vehicle safety.

The manufacturer of the vehicle recommends that you entrust corresponding procedures to the service center if you are unfamiliar those or if they have not been described here.

You can obtain a selection of replacement bulbs at the service center.

Danger of burns

Only change bulbs when they are cool; otherwise, there is a danger of getting burned.

Working on the lighting system

When working on the lighting system, you should always reel off the lights affected to prevent short circuits.

To avoid possible injury or equipment damage when replacing bulbs, observe any instructions provided by the bulb manufacturer.

Do not perform work/bulb replacement on xenon headlights

Have any work on the xenon lighting system, including bulb replacement, performed only by a service center. Due to the high voltage present in the system, there is a danger of fatal injuries if work is carried out improperly.

Do not touch the bulbs

Do not touch the glass of new bulbs with your bare hands, as even minute amounts of contamination will burn into the bulb's surface and reduce its service life.

Use a clean tissue, cloth or something similar, or hold the bulb by its base.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) Some items of equipment use light-emitting diodes installed behind a cover as a light source.

These light-emitting diodes, which are related to conventional lasers, are officially designated as Class 1 light-emitting diodes.

Do not remove the covers

Do not remove the covers, and never stare into the unfiltered light for several hours; otherwise, irritation of the retina could result.

Headlight glass Condensation can form on the inside of the external lights in cool or humid weather. When driving with the light switched on, the condensation evaporates after a short time. The headlight glass does not need to be changed.

If the headlights do not dim despite driving with the light switched on, increasing humidity forms, e. g. water droplets in the light, have the service center check this.

Headlight setting The headlight adjustments can be affected by changing lights and bulbs. Have the headlights' settings checked and corrected by service after a replacement.

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