BMW X3 Owners Manual: Charging the battery

General information Make sure that the battery is always sufficiently charged to guarantee that the battery remains usable for its full service life.

The battery may need to be charged in the following cases:

  • When making frequent short-distance drives.
  • If the vehicle is not used for prolonged periods, longer than a month.


Do not connect charging devices to the 12 volt socket in the vehicle

Do not connect battery chargers to the factory- installed 12 volt sockets in the vehicle as this may damage the vehicle battery due to an increased power consumption.

Starting aid terminals In the vehicle, only charge the battery via the starting aid terminals, in the engine compartment with the engine off.

Power failure

After a temporary power loss, some equipment needs to be newly initialized or individual settings updated, e. g.:

  • Seat and mirror memory: store the positions again.
  • Time: update.
  • Date: update.
  • Glass sunroof: initialize the system.

Disposing of old batteries

Have old batteries disposed of by your service center or bring them to a recycling center.

Maintain the battery in an upright position for transport and storage. Secure the battery so that it does not tip over during transport.

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