BMW X3 Owners Manual: Overview

BMW X3. Overview

SOS button in the roofliner


  • The SIM card integrated in the vehicle has been activated.
  • The radio-ready state is switched on.
  • The Assist system is functional.

Initiating an Emergency Request

1. Press the cover briefly to open it.

2. Press the SOS button until the LED at the button lights up green.

  • The LED lights up green: an Emergency Request was initiated.

    If a cancel prompt appears on the display, the Emergency Request can be aborted.

    If the situation allows, wait in your vehicle until the voice connection has been established.

  • The LED flashes green when a connection to the BMW Response Center has been established.
    When the emergency request is received at the BMW Response Center, the BMW Response Center contacts you and takes further steps to help you.

    Even if you are unable to respond, the BMW Response Center can take further steps to help you under certain circumstances.

    For this, data are transmitted to the BMW Response Center which serve to determine the necessary rescue measures. E. g.

    the current position of the vehicle, if it can be established.

  • If the LED is flashing green, but the BMW Response Center can no longer be heard via the speaker, you can nevertheless still be heard at the BMW Response Center.

Initiating an Emergency Request automatically Under certain conditions, an Emergency Request is automatically initiated immediately after a severe accident. Automatic Collision Notification is not affected by pressing the SOS button.

Warning triangle

BMW X3. Warning triangle

The warning triangle is located behind the lefthand cover in the trunk.

To remove, loosen the bracket.

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