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Regularly remove foreign objects such as leaves in the area below the windshield when the hood is raised.

Wash your vehicle frequently, particularly in winter. Intense soiling and road salt can damage the vehicle.


Steam jets or high-pressure washers

When using steam jets or high-pressure washers, hold them a sufficient distance away and use a maximum temperature of 140 ºF/60 ºC.

If the vehicle has a glass sunroof, ensure that a distance of at least 31.5 inches/80 cm is maintained.

Holding them too close or using excessively high pressures or temperatures can cause damage or preliminary damage that may then lead to long-term damage.

Follow the user's manual for the high-pressure washer.

Cleaning sensors/camera lenses with high-pressure washers

When using high-pressure washers, do not spray the sensors and camera lenses on the outside of the vehicle for long periods and maintain a distance of at least 12 in/30 cm.

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