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Light-alloy wheels

When cleaning the vehicle, use only neutral wheel cleaners having a pH value from 5 to 9.

Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or steam jets above 140 F/60 C. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Aggressive, acidic or alkaline cleaning agents can destroy the protective layer of adjacent components, such as the brake disk.

Chrome surfaces

Carefully clean components such as the radiator grille or door handles with an ample supply of water, possibly with shampoo added, particularly when they have been exposed to road salt.

Rubber components

Aside from water, treat only with rubber cleansers.

When cleaning rubber seals, do not use any silicon-containing car care products in order to avoid damage or noises.

Fine wood parts

Clean fine wood facing and fine wood components only with a moist rag. Then dry with a soft cloth.

Plastic components

These include:

  • Imitation leather surfaces.
  • Roofliner.
  • Lamp lenses.
  • Instrument cluster cover.
  • Matt black spray-coated components.
  • Painted parts in the interior.

Clean with a microfiber cloth.

Dampen cloth lightly with water.

Do not soak the roofliner.

No cleansers that contain alcohol or solvents

Do not use cleansers that contain alcohol or solvents, such as lacquer thinners, heavy-duty grease removers, fuel, or such; this could lead to surface damage.

Safety belts Dirty belt straps impede the reeling action and thus have a negative impact on safety.

Chemical cleaning

Do not clean chemically; this can destroy the webbing.

Use only a mild soapy solution, with the safety belts clipped into their buckles.

Do not allow the reels to retract the safety belts until they are dry.

Carpets and floor mats

No objects in the area around the pedals

Keep floor mats, carpets, and any other objects out of the pedal area; otherwise, the function of the pedals could be impeded while driving and create the risk of an accident.

Do not place additional floor mats over existing mats or other objects.

Only use floor mats that have been approved for the vehicle and can be properly attached to floor.

Ensure that the floor mats are securely fastened again after they were removed for cleaning, e.g.

Floor mats can be removed from the car's interior for cleaning.

If the floor carpets are very dirty, clean with a microfiber cloth and water or a textile cleaner.

To prevent matting of the carpet, rub back and forth in the direction of travel only.

Sensor/camera lenses To clean sensors and camera lenses, use a cloth moistened with a small amount of glass detergent.


Cleaning displays and screens

Do not use any chemical or household cleaning agents; otherwise, surfaces can be affected.

Keeping out moisture

Keep all fluids and moisture away from the unit; otherwise, electrical components can be damaged.

Avoid pressure

Avoid pressing too hard when cleaning and do not use abrasive materials; otherwise, damage can result.

Clean with a clean, antistatic microfiber cloth.


When the vehicle is shut down for longer than three months, special measures must be taken. Additional information is available from the service center.

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