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Brake fluids could be mixed up accidentally with mineral oil products so it is important to leave them in their original containers and not pour them into a different container.


If brake fluid accidentally comes into contact with your skin, wash it off with soap and water immediately. Eyes should be thoroughly flushed with cold water if contacted by brake fluid. Vomiting should be induced if brake fluid is internally consumed and a physician should be consulted.

If brake fluid is spilled or drips on a painted surface, wash it off with water immediately to prevent damage to the paint finish. Never rub it off. Brake fluids should not have contact with grease or oil. Wash hands to remove grease and oil before working with brake fluids. Also make sure that grease cannot enter the brake system.

Drained brake fluid must never be discarded in the garbage, oil disposal tanks or water drains.

Read instructions on container label prior to use.


BMW Tested and Approved DOT 4 ESL Brake Fluid is available as follows:

12 fl. oz. bottle BMW Part No. 81 22 0 142 156
1 gallon container BMW Part No. 81 22 0 142 155


All Models Brake fluid change interval every 2 years.


ANTI-SQUEAK/CORROSION PASTE Bostik NEVER-SEEZÂ to prevent disc brake squeaking. It is applied on cleaned recesses, pressure surfaces of piston crowns, brake pad backplates and possibly transfer plates - but not on friction liners.

To prevent corrosion between the ABS impulse sensor and the hole in the wheel suspension component, apply a thin coat of Bostik NEVER-SEEZÂ to cleaned sensor and hole before assembly.

Bostik NEVER-SEEZÂ Part No. NSBT-16

BRAKE CLEANER SPRAY Non-CFC spray (former BMW Part No. 81 22 9 407 704) for cleaning brakes, brake pads, brake shoes, drums, disks and other brake components. Also suitable for clutch pressure plates.

3M Part No. 8895
Loctite Part No. 82220
CRC Part No. 08088

General information
Brake fluid, (glycol-based) as used in BMW brake systems, must conform with the following requirements: High boiling point Good low temperature ...

Brake testing and bleeding

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