BMW X3 (F25) Service & Repair Manual: Stabilizer bar

BMW X3 (F25) Service & Repair Manual / Driveline+Axles / Stabilizer bar

IMPORTANT: Risk of damage!

  • Avoid bending the head of the anti-roll bar during assembly!
  • An impact screwdriver must not be used!

Detach bracket for brake hose on spring strut.

IMPORTANT: When releasing push rod screw connections (1) and (3), it is essential to counterhold with a Torx tool.

Slacken nut (1).

Release nut (3) and remove anti-roll bar link (2).

Installation note: Replace self-locking nuts.

Removing and installing/replacing front stabilizer

IMPORTANT: To avoid complaints being made by the customer about noise, set the vehicle on its wheels and tighten down the stabilizer mounting to specified torque.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

  • Remove fan cowl .
  • Remove N20, N47T, N55, N57: CHARGE AIR COOLER ,
  • N52T, N55: Drain COOLANT ,
  • N52T: Unlock and detach coolant hoses on bottom of radiator,

N52T, N55:

Loosen screws on the coolant pipe (1).


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