BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Replacing radial shaft seal for input flange of rear axle differential

BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual / Driveline+Axles / Final drive with cover / Replacing radial shaft seal for input flange of rear axle differential

Special tools required:

  • 33 5 050
  • 33 5 070
  • 33 5 060
  • 00 5 010
  • 33 5 080
  • 33 0 150

IMPORTANT: Use only approved gearbox oils. Failure to comply with this instruction will result in serious damage to the rear axle final drive!

Necessary preliminary tasks:


Remove retaining clip (1) and insert nut (2) with diaphragm seal.


Mark position of flange nut (1) to bevel pinion (2).


Release flange nut anticlockwise with special tools 33 5 050 and 33 5 070 by gripping the bevel pinion with special tools 33 5 060 and 33 5 070 .


Pull out radial shaft seal with special tool 00 5 010 .


Coat sealing lips of new radial shaft seal and sealing surface of bevel pinion with final drive oil.

Drive in radial shaft seal with special tool 33 5 080 or 33 0 150 .


Clean bevel pinion thoroughly to remove remnants of screw locking agent.


Check dust plate for damage, replace if necessary.

IMPORTANT: Clean flange nut thoroughly to remove remnants of grease and screw locking agent.

Pack collar insert (1) of flange nut with grease.

Apply a thin coating of grease to shaded area (2) of flange nut.

Coat at least four thread turns of flange nut with "Drei Bond adhesive type 1385".


IMPORTANT: In order to avoid damaging the rear axle final drive, do not under any circumstances tighten down the flange nut (1) beyond the marker point of the bevel pinion (2).


Place insert nut (2) with diaphragm seal in flange nut.

Introduce retaining clip (1).


After installation:

  • Check OIL LEVEL IN REAR AXLE DIFFERENTIAL and correct if necessary.
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