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BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual / DTC / Maintenance service reminder / Maintenance service reminder reset - procedure 6

CBS Reset Using BMW Diagnosis System

IMPORTANT: Although the CBS maintenance jobs can be reset using in-car controls, it is recommended that the reset procedure be done via the diagnosis system. It is only possible to code the statutory intervals specific to individual countries with the diagnosis system.

To be able to check and/or correct the car's on-board date properly, the diagnosis system requires the correctly set tester system date.

IMPORTANT: The jobs may only be reset after the service measure has been completed.

The brake pads can only be reset with a new brake pad wear sensor.

The CBS jobs can be reset via the diagnosis system on the following path:

  • Start diagnosis
  • Carry out vehicle identification
  • Function Selection
  • Service Functions
  • Maintenance
  • CBS Reset
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