BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Lowering/raising rear axle support

BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual / Suspension / Rear sub-frame / Lowering/raising rear axle support

Special tools required:

  • 31 5 251
  • 00 2 030
  • 31 5 255
  • 31 5 253
  • 33 5 206

WARNING: Danger of injury! Failure to comply with the following instructions may result in the vehicle slipping off the lifting platform and critically injuring other persons.

Load the luggage compartment with a minimum of 100 kg before lowering/removing the rear axle support. This prevents the vehicle from tilting or sliding off the vehicle hoist! When supporting components, make sure that:

  • the vehicle can no longer be raised or lowered
  • the vehicle does not lift off the locating plates on the vehicle hoist.

IMPORTANT: Before lowering/removing rear axle support: Observe SAFETY INFORMATION for raising the vehicle In order to avoid damage to vehicle hoist, perform weight compensation on vehicle.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

  • Remove REAR WHEELS .
  • Detach BOTH BRAKE-CALIPER SUPPORTS and tie up.

Unlock plug connection on ride height sensor and disconnect.

Unclip cable for pulse sensor and ride height sensor/brake pad wear sensor on camber link/wheel carrier.

Engage special tool 31 5 251 with a 2nd person helping completely on workshop jack 00 2 030 .

Insert special tools 31 5 255 in telescopic supports of a profile rail pair.

Insert special tools 31 5 253 in telescopic supports of other profile rail pair.

NOTE: In a profile rail pair, two profile rails are connected to one another by gearing.



The jacking points on the left side are shown.

Align special tools 31 5 251 , 31 5 253 and 31 5 255 to rear axle support.

Support rear axle support by operating workshop jack 00 2 030 .

IMPORTANT: The center of gravity of the rear axle must be positioned centrally over the workshop jack.

Use tensioning strap 33 5 206 to lash rear axle support to special tool 31 5 251 ! Release screws (1).

Release screws (2) and remove stop plate and compression strut.

Lower rear axle support.

Installation note:

Check threads for damage; if necessary, repair with HELICOIL THREAD INSERTS .

Replace screws (2).

Turn in all screws, first tightening screws (2) and then tightening screws (1).


    Rear sub-frame

    Removing and installing complete rear axle support
    WARNING: Danger of injury! Failure to comply with the following instructions may result in the vehicle slipping off the vehicle hoist and critically ...

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