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Enclosed areas

Do not let the engine run in enclosed areas, since breathing in exhaust fumes may lead to loss of consciousness and death. The exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless but highly toxic gas.

Unattended vehicle

Do not leave the vehicle unattended with the engine running; doing so poses a risk of danger.

Before leaving the vehicle with the engine running, set the parking brake and place the transmission in selector lever position P or N to prevent the vehicle from moving.

Repeated starting in quick succession

Avoid trying to start the vehicle repeatedly and in quick succession. Otherwise, the fuel is not burned or is inadequately burned, posing a risk of overheating and damage to the catalytic converter.

Do not wait for the engine to warm-up while the vehicle remains stationary. Start driving at moderate engine speeds.

Diesel engine

If the engine is cold and temperatures are below approx. 32 ºF/0 ºC, the start process may be delayed somewhat due to automatic preheating.

A Check Control message is displayed.

Steptronic transmission

Starting the engine

1. Depress the brake pedal.

2. Press the Start/Stop button.

The ignition is activated automatically for a certain time and is stopped as soon as the engine starts.

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