BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual: Procedure after airbag deployment as result of an accident

BMW X3 Service & Repair Manual / Suspension / Steering wheel for airbag / Procedure after airbag deployment as result of an accident

Check and/or replace following components after airbag deployment:

Satellites (control unit + sensor)

  • Components
    • Satellite, A-/B-pillar, left/right
    • Satellite, front door
    • Satellite, rear seat
    • Satellite, driver's/passenger's side
    • Satellite, vehicle center
  • Procedure
    • Inspect visually for mechanical damage
    • Read fault memory
    • Disconnect battery and observe waiting period
    • Rectify faults
    • Connect battery and observe waiting period (at least 10 seconds)
    • Delete fault memory
    • Switch off ignition and wait at least 2 minutes (no consumers may be switched on during this period such as interior light, radio, etc.)
    • Switch on ignition (wait at least 10 seconds)
    • Clear fault memory and if necessary rectify faults

Cables and connectors

  • Components and procedure
    • Check cables and connectors for damage, replace if necessary.

      (e.g. corrosion, correct engagement, bent pin)

Seat belt system

  • Components
    • Automatic reel
    • Belt buckle tensioner
    • Seat belt height adjustment
    • Anchor fitting tensioner
  • Procedure
    • Check components, replace if necessary


  • Components
    • Seat
    • Airbag module
    • Active head restraint
  • Procedure
    • Check seats (function check of seat mechanism), replace if necessary
    • Check seat screw/bolt connections
    • Replace gas generator of active head restraint If the severity of the crash has not caused any other damage to the seat, only the triggered gas generator needs to be replaced.

      External feature: The triggered head restraint is folded forwards and engaged.

      The repair work can be carried out in the vehicle with the rear panel removed. The entire system can be pushed back into its original position and the new gas generator installed.

      The gas generator can be replaced up to 5 times.

    • Replace airbag module and seat cover with upholstery
  • Only I01: If one of the following criteria is fulfilled, the backrest frame must be replaced! (Part number of backrest frame: 52 10 7 388 646)
    • Activated belt tensioner
    • Activated end fitting pretensioner
    • Outer cover unclipped by a side collision
    • Outer cover ripped off by a side collision
    • Faulty clip connection on outer cover caused by a side collision

Driver's airbag

  • Components
    • Airbag module
    • Steering Wheel
    • Steering column (if damaged)
  • Procedure
    • Check components, replace if necessary
    • Replace steering wheel

Front-passenger airbag

  • Components
    • Airbag module
    • Dashboard trim panel (must be replaced!)
    • Supporting tube (if damaged)
  • Procedure
    • Check components, replace if necessary

Side airbag, front/rear

  • Components
    • Airbag module
    • Door trim panel
    • Door in white
    • Seat
  • Procedure
    • Check components; replace if necessary

Head airbag

  • Components
    • Airbag module
    • Cover, A-pillar
    • Roofliner
    • Cover, B-pillar (if damaged)
    • Cover, C-pillar (if damaged)
    • Connection/mount (on side frame)
  • Procedure
    • Check components, replace if necessary

Knee airbag

  • Components
    • Trim panel (driver's side)
    • Lower section of glove box
    • Knee protection (driver's and passenger's sides)
  • Procedure
    • Check components, replace if necessary

Passive knee protection

  • Components
    • Trim panel (driver's side)
    • Glove box incl. knee protection (passenger's side)
  • Procedure
    • Check components for damage, replace if necessary
    • Check retaining element
    Steering wheel for airbag

    Removing and installing/replacing airbag unit
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