BMW X3 Owners Manual: Automatic Hold

The concept This system assists the driver by automatically setting and releasing the brake, such as when moving in stop-and-go traffic.

The vehicle is automatically held in place when it is stationary.

On inclines, the system prevents the vehicle from rolling backward when driving off.


BMW X3. Overview

Automatic Hold

Safety information

Secure the vehicle against rolling

Before leaving the vehicle with the engine running, engage position P of the Steptronic transmission and ensure that the parking brake is set. Otherwise, the vehicle may begin to move.

Under the following conditions, Automatic Hold is automatically deactivated and the parking brake is set:

  • The engine is switched off.
  • A door is opened and driver's safety belt is unbuckled while the vehicle is stationary.
  • The moving vehicle is brought to a standstill using the parking brake.

The indicator lamp switches from green to red and the letters AUTO H go out.

Activating This function can be activated when the driver's door is closed, the safety belt is fastened and the engine is running.

Press button.

The LED and the letters AUTO H light up.

The indicator lamp lights up.

Automatic Hold is activated.


Press button again.

The LED and the letters AUTO H go out.

Automatic Hold is deactivated.

If the vehicle is being held by Automatic Hold, press on the brake pedal to deactivate it.

When the parking brake is set manually, Automatic Hold is deactivated automatically.

Driving Automatic Hold is activated: the vehicle is automatically secured against rolling after braking to a standstill.

The indicator lamp lights up green.

Step on the accelerator pedal to drive off.

The brake is released automatically.

The indicator lamp goes out.

Before driving into a car wash

Before driving into the car wash, deactivate Automatic Hold; otherwise, the parking brake will be set when the vehicle is stationary and the vehicle will no longer be able to roll.

Parking The parking brake is automatically set if the engine is switched off while the vehicle is being held by Automatic Hold.

The indicator lamp changes from green to red.

The parking brake is not set if the engine is switched off while the vehicle is coasting to a halt. Automatic Hold is deactivated.

Automatic Hold remains activated during the engine stop brought about by the Auto Start/ Stop function.

Take the remote control with you

Take the remote control with you when leaving the vehicle so that children, e.g., cannot release the parking brake.


In the event of a failure or malfunction of the parking brake, secure the vehicle against rolling using a wheel chock, e.g., when leaving it.

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