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Turn signal

Do not adjust the exterior mirrors

Do not adjust the exterior mirror while driving and when turn signals/hazard warning flashers are on, or else the additional turn signal lights in the exterior mirror are out of position and can't be seen.

Using turn signals

BMW X3. Turn signal

Press the lever beyond the resistance point.

To switch off manually, press the lever to the resistance point.

Unusually rapid flashing of the indicator lamp indicates that a turn signal bulb has failed.

Triple turn signal activation Press the lever to the resistance point.

The turn signal flashes three times.

The function can be activated or deactivated:

1. "Settings"

2. "Lighting"

3. "Triple turn signal"

Settings are stored for the profile currently in use.

Signaling briefly Press the lever to the resistance point and hold it there for as long as you want the turn signal to flash.

High beams, headlight flasher

BMW X3. High beams, headlight flasher

  • High beams, arrow 1.
  • Headlight flasher, arrow 2.
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