BMW X3 Owners Manual: Rear window wiper

Switching on the rear window wiper

BMW X3. Switching on the rear window wiper

Turn the switch from idle position 0 upward, arrow 1: interval mode. When reverse gear is engaged, the system switches to continuous operation.

Cleaning rear window In interval mode: turn the switch further, arrow 2. The switch automatically returns to its interval position when released.

In idle position: turn switch downward, arrow 3.

The switch automatically returns to its idle position when released.

    Clean the windshield, headlights
    Pull the wiper lever towards you. The system sprays washer fluid on the windshield and activates the wipers briefly. In addition, the headl ...

    Fold-out position of the wipers
    Fold wipers back when you want to change the blades or with pending low temperatures. 1. Switch the ignition on and off again. 2. With icy cond ...

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