BMW X3 (F25) Service & Repair Manual: Oil pump

BMW X3 (F25) Service & Repair Manual / Transmission / Oil pump


Special tools required:

  • 00 1 450
  • 13 5 250
  • 24 0 200
  • 24 1 420
  • 24 2 410
  • 24 1 410


  • Do not let skin come in contact with transmission oil and do not inhale transmission oil vapors.
  • Wear protective gloves.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation

IMPORTANT: After completion of work, check TRANSMISSION OIL LEVEL .

Use only approved TRANSMISSION OIL .

Failure to comply with this instruction will result in serious damage to the transmission.

Necessary preliminary work:

  • Remove torque converter.

Secure transmission with special tool 24 0 200 on assembly stand 00 1 450.

NOTE: Read and comply with note on installation of TRANSMISSION RETAINING BRIDGE .


Pull out radial shaft seal (1) with special tools 24 1 420 and 13 5 250 .


The 14 aluminum torx screws contained in the drive repair kit are furnished with a sealing ring and must be mandatory replaced as well.

When replacing screws (1) along the dashed line, always change one screw after the other.


Installation note:

  1. Install the O-ring on the drive shaft.
  2. Oil sealing lip on shaft seal.
  3. Drive in radial shaft seal (1) with special tool 24 1 410 as far as it will go.


Hydr/el control components/elements

Shift valves, parking lock

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